Psalm 23 Mug Challenge- Week 3…. Before, Behind, Beside

Hi, friends! Welcome to the Psalm 23 Mug challenge, where I encourage you to spend time with your Shepherd from the first sip to the last of your morning coffee (or whatever you drink!) Here you will find prompts from Psalm 23 to pray through.  Feel free to jump in any week, or you can start from the beginning here.

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 He leads me in paths of righteousness for His names sake.

Psalm 23:3b

For those who have walked the path of righteous living know what a sweet fulfilling road it can be.  You watch God meet your needs with great care when you submit yourself to walking in His ways.  However, there are two things that a leader controls that a follower does not:

Direction and Pace

I admit I have not always been happy with the latter.  Can you relate? I can look back on the seasons of my life marked with bitterness and discontentment because God was not allowing things to happen faster.

Having a job but wanting a career.
Dating but wanting to be engaged.
Engaged but wanting to be married.
Married  but wanting babies.
Having babies but …FOR THE LOVE…will they ever be done with diapers!?!?!  (See what I mean?)

But I have learned that in wanting to go ahead of what God has for me, I am not only missing out on the joy and blessing of today, I am missing something perhaps much much more important:

The flock

With each season of life God surrounds us with a particular group of people to go on this journey with. While the Shepherd does not change, our circle of influence certainly does.  There are 3 groups of people I would like you to reflect on as you complete your challenge today.

  • Those who walk before you: People who have traveled a similar path and come out of a trial or stage declaring “God is good.”
  • Those who walk beside you: People who are on the same life stage as you, struggling with the same challenges that you are.
  • Those who walk behind you: People who are looking to your for advice and encouragement as they struggle with challenges that you have already faced.

For every sip you take, thank God for the people that He has put on your life path, even when it seems a certain season in your life is taking longer than you would like. Thank Him for the people that have gone through trials before you to help guide and encourage you. Thank Him for the people that He has put beside you to experience similar trials. Pray for those who will follow behind you and look to your for advice and encouragement when they go through a trial you have already gone through.

Pray for God to reveal ways that you can engage with and encourage one or more of your particular flock members this week.  This, friends, is righteous living for His name’s sake:

Being content with the direction and pace of your life,

and loving those God has surrounded you with along the way.


Here is one of my favorite hymns to listen to today before you start your day.  Praying you will have peace trusting in Jesus, friend.




Screenshot 2017-04-15 21.56.35

Please post a photo of your mug with #Psalm23mugchallenge (or screen shot and share my image) to encourage others to join us! I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections from the day’s challenge.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 23 Mug Challenge- Week 3…. Before, Behind, Beside”

  1. I just love that song! Beautiful reminder I needed this morning. Thankful for the time and effort you put into the Mug Challange.


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