Felt Ball Garland- Nature Neutrals- Pom Pom Garland- Free Gift from our Farm- Mustard Gray White Burlap Cream Wool Felt Balls- Mantel Decor

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I call this color combination of mustard, cream, burlap, warm gray, and white "Nature Neutrals." It reminds me of a going on a walk through the forest, and stooping down to examine a brightly colored mustard yellow mushroom.

It makes a perfect eco-friendly reusable decoration for your nursery, birthday party, wedding, craft table, Christmas tree, photo backdrop, or baby shower!

D E T A I L S:

Garland is a single strand of natural sheep wool felted balls strung on white pearl cotton thread.

Each ball is approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter, and is spaced every 3 inches.

Each ball is hand felted using the wet felting technique so they may vary slightly in size.

The ends of the garland are looped for easy hanging.

There are no knots holding the felt balls in place so you are able to move them and position them however you want. Even though they aren't knotted in place, the felt balls do not move on their own unless you move them yourself.


6 FEET (1.8 METERS) (24 wool felt balls).................embellishes a picture frame, or is a short window valence, can be hung on a chandelier

9 FEET (2.7 METERS) (36 wool felt balls) **most popular**............ long window valence (with balls hanging down on each side), good for making a triple or double strand, decorates a 6' table, can hang behind a couch, bed, or crib

12 FEET (3.7 METERS) (48 wool felt balls)................. Decorates a double window or sliding glass door, makes a versatile photo prop, (I love how it hangs when its doubled up with three catch points)

20 FEET (6.1 METERS) (80 wool felt balls)................. Aisle for your wedding, will string around your entire room, trim for your Christmas tree (may need multiple strands)

Need a different length? Let me know and I'll be happy to make you a custom listing!


Take a piece of string, drape it how you would hang your garland...then measure the string! If you're not sure, I would recommend ordering up a size. (You can always push the balls closer together and trim one end.)

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~Made with love by Megan~
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