Nest Garland | The Birds & The Bees Felt Ball Garland- White peacock blush mint coral

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These wool felted bees and nests are the perfect spring or nursery or baby shower decor. Bees and nests are 1.5 inches wide, felt balls are 1 inch in diameter. Pieces slide on the string and stay where they are placed. Length listed is when pieces are spaced every 3 inches. 3 feet= 1 nest, 2 bees, 12 felt balls6 feet= 3 bees, 3 bees, 23 felt balls9 feet= 5 bees, 5 nests, 36 felt balls12 feet= 6 bees, 7 nests, 48 felt balls Colors:WhitePeacockBlushMint Coral